Mulberry Hollow

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We are a small family operation located in central Pennsylvania. We raise Boer, Nubian and Boer Nubian cross goats. We show at local shows and truly do it just for fun!  Gary is President of the South Mountian Fair Board of Directors and April chairs the Goat Department of the fair.

An Addition to Our Herd.....



 This doe we also purchased from Far View Farm LLC in Independence, WV. She is a granddaughter of the *ennobled* Pistolero, Downen N24 and Pipeline.

Another Addition....

NATS Lexus is one of the new does we have added to our herd this spring. She is a grand-daughter of the *ennobled* DSM Cheating Charlie. Thank you to Far View Farms LLC and Natalie Shaffer for allowing us to purchase such a great doe!









This is our son Wyatt lecturing his goat 
 "Gabriella" before entering the show ring at the 2007 South Mountain Fair in Arendtville Pa. Gabriella is a Nubian bottle baby that wasn't much to look at but Wyatt adored her.



Gabi in 2008.....





Gabi really took off once she started to grow! Here she is with Wyatt at the 2008 South Mountain Fair where she took Reserve Grand Champion in a breeding doe class. The goat beside Gabbi was also bred by us. She is Boer/Nubian cross that took first place in her market class. The picture above is of Gabbi at our farm.


Strawberry Shortcake was the doe that started it for us. She was our first Boer that we raised from a kid.

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